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rdrcofe says:

“Gravity is the warping of space / time by the weak attractive force of matter.

Time is no more the human system used to measure it than your electricity bill is an electro magnetic wave or a stream of charged particles.

Time is measured in certain humanly devised units, but what exactly is being measured? “

The dictionary’s definition of Gravity and time more closely resembles my definition than yours; but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t explain the trinity.

What exactly is being measured in time? One moment to the next.

“Time is entirely relative and not constant. The rate that time actually passes depends entirely on how fast you are traveling. At speed of light time would be stationary.”

At the speed of light time would APPEAR to be stationary. When you look at something you only see the light reflected from it so if you were in a space ship traveling at the speed of light and you were observing something, the light reflecting from that which you are observing will not past you thus it would appear to be stationary; and if you travel faster than light it would appear to the observer that everything is happening in reverse because you are now passing the light that was previously in front of you.

If we were to look at a star that is 100 light years away, we would see how that star looked 100 years ago because the light reflected from that star 100 years ago is just now reaching us now.

None of this explains the trinity though.

“I notice you would not commit yourself on whether light is a wave or a particle. So there are some things you atheists are actually unsure of after all.”

As an Atheist I am willing to admit I don’t have all the answers; it is you Christians who often claim to be in contact with someone (God) who know’s it all!

Waldenehn says:

“Look at your water example.

The substance is physical—H2O. one molecule of H20 is always the substance called H20. But that molecule of water manifests itself as ice, water, and steam…..In this world of TIME, ice, water and steam must manifest themselves one at a time. Wrap your mind around a piece of Eternity, where ice, water, and steam, can manifest themselves simultaneously. God lives in Eternity, and is above and outside of Time, and is able to do that, even if your mind can’t wrap around it…..Time itself is a trinity. Past, Present, Future. Yet you cannot touch Time without touching “Present”. Tomorrow what used to be Future becomes Present, and can now be touched.”

Water Ice and steam, although they are the same ingrediants, they are still separate and eternity does not change that. The Past, Present, and Future are separate as well. Maybe the reason we have a hard time wraping our minds around this concept is because it doesn’t make sense. The term Trinity was made up by flawed humans; (the term is not even in the bible) If they can expain it, anyone should be able to. I suspect the reason they got away with making this claim is because nobody was willing to challenge them on it; what do you think?



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