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112271 (Ken Jones):

You contradicted:I disagree! 3 persons DOES mean 3 people, or Gods.

Define the word ‘person’ however you like, you will never make any sense of Trinitarian theory while you insist on your own definitions. In debating Trinitarian theory the only definition of ‘person’ acceptable as being theologically valid is the definition at the time (4th Century or so), of ‘persons’ adopted by the council that formulated the Doctrine of the Trinity in the first place. I think they should know what they meant better than you do Ken or are you now an expert in Latin translation of ancient theological documents in addition to your many other talents.

Erin :trinitarians in their explanations of God’s nature have redefined “persons” to mean something more like “facets of God’s personality.”

You are right to point that out but it is not Trinitarians who have ‘redefined’ the word persons, it is the word ‘persons’ which has changed through the course of time to,mean what is does to us now. Furthermore the original words used and translated ‘persons’ were Latin and there is nearly always some nuances of meaning lost in translation. Perhaps the Latin scholars in Praize Forums can enlighten us on the matter.

You wrote:I’m not sure they mean substance in the same way either.

You are right here too. It just goes to show how slipery and changeably, indefinite, words are, especially when trying to pin down God with theories.

Ken, You wrote:You were doing great until you said water and Ice are not the same.

Here we have an example, (everyone note this please), of Ken’s duplicity in misquoting or wilfully misunderstanding what others have actually written.

I did not say ‘water and ice are not the same’. I said ‘Water is not ice’

Have you ever tried drinking a glass of ice Ken?

You will have noticed that you can’t because it is solid. Not until it melts and turns into water, can you drink it. Ipso facto, there is a difference.

I also went on to state ‘ice, water and steam are all water.

Jesus, The Father and the Holy Spirit are all God.

i.e. they are all the same thing but have different modes of ‘being’.

How can a logical statement about water be true, while, (so you and others claim), similar logic becomes unaccceptable to them when applied to God.

If it is logically possible in the case of water, surely it is logically possible concerning God.

You wrote[i] ignorance is bad, knowledge is good. Yes and deliberate ignorance is even worse and all fools think themselves wise, therein is their foolishness.

In a less combative vein, you wrote:The truth should always be up for question. I am sure you will agree with that!

You and I agree at least on this my friend.

Love Chris.

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