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erin xxxx

While one can be all three at once NONE of those are in relation to the other within one person. The father that you are is NOT the father of the son that you are. Nor are you your own brother. To have these distinctions there must be someone OUTSIDE of your body. If you are a Father you have a child that isn’t a part of your body; just like as a Son you have parents that are not part of your body and as a Brother you have a sibling outside of your body.

I like what someone once told me about the trinity–That it is a mystery. I sort of think of it as a God with multiple personality disorder… However, one trinitarian told me he saw it as a “multiple personality order” because in God such things wouldn’t be disorderly.

Me, I’m not trying to claim monotheism. I think they are 3 beings or 3 Gods that are 1 in unity. I’m a christian polytheist!!!

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