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Now, to show you some of the confusion again regarding this topic…

When Christ’s disciple Thomas got the opportunity to see Him after His resurection (Christ’s, not Thomas’s), Thomas said,

“My Lord and my God…”

Now, there is no recording that Christ corrected Thomas by saying anything like, “I am not God, for He is my Father in heaven.” This does not mean it wasn’t said, nor does it mean it was. But we are not given a complete picture of everything concerning Jesus. This is not a mistake of God’s either, allowing Jesus to be worshiped as a God.

This gets to my earlier point, and why I don’t like the contemporary teachings surrounding the trinity. Jesus is NOT God the Father. Jesus is the Lord, and the Saviour, if you want Him to be. But Thomas was apparently not corrected when he called Jesus his God. What do we do with that Kenny? I don’t know myself. I can’t go along with the consensus. If I followed the line of thinking regarding popular thought, I would think man is powerful enough to warm the earth, and I am not such a fool. Even the scientists of this globe are NOT in agreement. But the believers in it are powerful enough to enact rules affecting our lifestyle because of it. I see a little bit of socialist/communist government control on this matter.

But back on topic…now what was I talking about….? Oh yaaa, the “trinity”.

You pretty much know my take on this. It is scriptural, and I won’t pretend to have the answers for you.

You take care, and congrats on the length of this thread…nice one.


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