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Kenny, I am saying there is a relationship I do not understand between the three of them. I can not change what my response is, as it is scripture. The words I’ve stated here are out of God’s Holy Word. Many would likely consider me not a Christian for those comments, but they would be wrong, to the largest degree.

I fully understand the level of grace God affords us. I feel as though I deeply understand the level of sacrifice Jesus wished to avoid. Nonetheless, Jesus did His Father’s will, not His own.

The Holy Spirit was left here by Jesus when Jesus ascended into heaven. The Holy Spirit here, Jesus in heaven, at His Father’s right side. This is all true scripture and teachings God wants us to know and profess. The “trinity” is troublesome for me, as most everyone wants to believe they understand it, but no one does. We all like to think we have most of God’s ways figured out, but in our own ignorance we believe we know the truth of most all things spiritual. This typically goes for non-believers as well. The atheists have it figured out as much as most all others. If anyone is without God, but sincerely searching, they are well on their way, and ahead of many others.

I am not a theologin, but I will attest to the truth of scipture.


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