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Rdrcofe asks:

“Are gravity and time independent of each other or inter-dependent.”

Gravity is a natural force that planets have; time is a system humans came up with to measure one moment to the next, so I will say they are independent of each other

“Is time a constant or a variable?”

I can’t think of a situation where time varies so my answer is; a constant

“These are all questions which have multiple answers depending upon the starting point of your reasoning and the factors you choose to throw into the equasions.”

I disagree. Can you give an example of there being different answers to any of the above questions and are all correct?

“Much the same considerations apply to the triune natures of God.

It all depends from which direction you come at it, to what conclusions you reach.”

How bout if you choose a starting point, throw any factors of your choice into the equation, and give an answer.



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