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erin xxxx

Rightthewrong says:

>>”Three persons, does not mean Three people or three Gods. It means three ways in which we can perceive the One God.”<<

And Ken replied:

>>I disagree! 3 persons DOES mean 3 people, or Gods. I am one person, yet I can be precieved 100 different ways, does that make me 100 different people? I think not.<<

Ken, that was my first reaction when a trinitarian explained their idea of person to me. I don’t know how much help I can be seeing as how I’m not a trinitarian, but here are some thoughts you may take as you wish.

To get anywhere in a conversation you have to be willing to accept that trinitarians in their explanations of God’s nature have redefined “persons” to mean something more like “facets of God’s personality.” I’m not sure they mean substance in the same way either. O.o

I’d say the most important thing to understand about the trinity is that it is a mystery. Which to me just says there is no way we can make logical sense of this and it’s a faith issue. Seeing as how I also follow a religion I understand the whole “taking it on faith” issue, even if I disagree with the trinity itself. Sometimes we believe or have faith in things we can’t exactly explain to others. I find such points to be somewhat annoying as I like clear understandable and logical explanations. Perhaps this is why as time goes on I also tend to feel more like an outcast among Christians.

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