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Jason Tucker

Sorry it took me so long to reply didnt realize new posts had been added.

Ken wrote:

So when Jesus was here on earth, do you believe he was 100% God? or was there nobody in heaven during that time.

God is everywhere at all times He is omniscient and omnipresent He is All Powerful. He can fill multiple offices and the same time He can accomplish all things. God has never had a multiple personality and never will.

Ken wrote:

I realize many don’t believe in the trinity; I was addressing the question to those who do

Sorry but I have to add the truth of the Word of God anytime their is a chance of a new christian that isnt knowledgeble of true doctrinal baptism coming along and being misled by reading a post of anti-biblical nature. In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ is How the Bible teaches so All should have the opportunity to know this.

God Bless you

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