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I see this thread has picked up again.

flapjacklimbo says

“I believe in one God whom manifests Himself in different ways or you could say holds different offices. He inhabits all 3 of the stated offices at one time and operates as all 3 at all times.”

So when Jesus was here on earth, do you believe he was 100% God? or was there nobody in heaven during that time.

“I believe that the trinity is a false doctrine created by the catholic church and accepted by most denominations to this day.”

I realize many don’t believe in the trinity; I was addressing the question to those who do

vhoofpreacher (mikey) says:

“My my aren’t you the persistant one. Ever the atheist troll eh “

Hmmm so when you don’t have an answer, you sling mud and accuse me of being a troll huh?

“For folks like Kenny, these is no winning this arguement.

Since he demands that you prove the existance of God, and we cannot, he will say he wins and he will pick threads like this to keep people who not only understand what faith is, but we also unstand and can relate to Jesus in a way he cannot, anyway, he will keep you dancing looking for a way to convert him.”

So when in this thread have I asked ANYONE to prove the existence of God? Sounds like something you just made up!

And as far as that bull and matador stuff, I never asked anyone to convert me, and I am playing no games with anyone; just asking a biblical question on the bible answer fourm. More mud slinging huh? You disappoint me bro, I thought you were better than that

redsox141978 said:

“you and I cant convince, or convert anyone.

its our job to pull in the net, and clean the fish,

not cast a line.

fishers of men, not fishermen.”

Excellent point! I just wish more Christians had your perspective.



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