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this is one of the biggest lies the church preach.

Is this an admission that you are not in the church.

If so, then you are not in Christ.

you dont belong to “the church” either.

there is no such body.

the Body of Christ, or the Assembly of called out ones, qahal in the hebrew, and ecclesia in the greek,

dont mean “church”.

thats the largest political manifestation of a word ever invented.

“kuriakon” is the proper koine greek for church, and its no where found in the texts.

Constantine issued the edict in 325 to build “houses of worship”,

or “kuriakons”/kirke/churches, for the newly proclaimed empirical faith.

thats where the word started.

Paul never gave designs for “church” building,

nor did he ever call it “church”.

the KJV is nothing but an political manifesto in rebelliion to “THE CHURCH” in Rome whose empircal ways led to rebellion.

Lutherans,Calvinists,Baptists and all other denoms who proclaim “church” are nothing but rebellious daughters of the RCC.

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