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rdrcofe you wrote; Manifestation= an act of disclosing what is dark or secret; that by which something is made manifest.

In other words NOT THE TRUE THING but a parable of the truth.

What you don’t understand is; Jesus is the image of God and the image of God is stated in Gen. 1:26-27 where it clearly says; God is male and female in one body.

Therefore Jesus Christ = male and female and is only a hypothesis of what/who God is. For some time Jesus Christ would act as God until we can understand. Jesus is not the eternal name see Acts 3:20-21. Jesus himself said there is a new name to come.

Your quote; Adam means ‘mankind’. Yes I agree. Therefore Adam doesn’t have the meaning of a male person, but Adam = male and female, spirit and flesh.

Your quote; Ruah = Wind,Breath,Spirit. Not Ghost. A Ghost is a phantom or a spectre an intangible and insubstantial apparition.

Absolutely, and the bible says you are baptized with this phantom or spectre spirit, the spirit of death. You cant deny this.

Your next quote; The Bible says we were baptized into His death and are buried therefore by baptism into death. So that we may walk in newness of life.

Absolutely; this is the time Adam is in the deep sleep Gen. 2:7, and the time while God blow the spirit of the soul into your nose so you can walk in newness for without a soul you are still basically dead for you die and your flesh goes to perdition. The Holy Ghost (not spirit) is the breath of the soul. Do you want to deny your soul??

Your quote; We proclaim his death. We declare that Jesus actually did die. A fact that many choose to deny. We also proclaim His resurrection to ‘LIFE’ again. So you are absolutely wrong. We do not declare Jesus dead. WE are commanded by Jesus himself to celebrate his death until he returns again, because it is through his death that we have ‘life’ through the power of The Spirit which raised him to life.

No I am not wrong; the bible says while you use the supper you proclaim his death. Therefore he can’t be raised to life. You must stop the supper.

This resurrection is the first resurrection according to Revelations, the resurrection of the eternal soul. When this is done there will be another resurrection, the resurrection of the quickening spirit which will make you immortal and is called the second resurrection.

Regards, johan.

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