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kennyj (Ken Jones)

Ken, I’m always suspicious of agreeing with you, in case you have led me into some sort of logic trap.

However your analagy does have something going for it.

I am a bit dubious about the notion that being a father, brother, son depends on who you talk to. Surely I am my son’s father all the time and also a husband, uncle, son and grandfather.

The analagy does bear up with respect to the idea that the three modes of God seem very largely pandering to our perception rather than God being in a constant ‘quick change treble act’, trying to get our attention by whatever means He can.

My son sees me as his Dad. My Grandson sees me as his Grandad, but I just see me as me, not as a composite of Dad and Grandad. I guess it might be that way too for God.

For us there seems to be a difference depending on who we relate to at the time of our relating. To them there is no difference, their relationship with each other is like the way I think of myself as being myself, not just a Son, a Dad or a Grandad.

Love Chris.

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