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kennyj (Ken Jones)

You wrote:I didn’t say anything about steam or ice being a “kind” of water,

Is there a definite semantic difference between a ‘type’ and a ‘kind’ of water then Ken? In my understanding of the substance it is all just water. It just changes it’s ‘state’ according to temperature.

The different manifestations of God might be thought of as ‘changes of state’ according to our perception and the way God wishes to present himself at the time. Each ‘state’ has different limitations and restrictions imposed by the nature of it’s manifestation. You cannot hold steam in a bucket. You cannot cut water with a knife, you cannot stir ice in it’s solid state. Just so with the manifestations of God. They had certain limitations, but The Totality of GOD is unlimited and unrestrained and can manifest itself as it pleases. I use the word ‘it’ advisedly though, because in fact I think God to be a Living Entity, so would prefer to refer to it as He/She, rather than it.

Love Chris.

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