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Chris Medway

In answer:

a manifestation is not the “truth” but a hypothesis of the truth.

Manifest = that which may be easily seen by the eye or perceived by the mind.

Manifestation= an act of disclosing what is dark or secret; that by which something is made manifest.

Jesus is not ‘a hypothesis of the truth’. Jesus is The Truth, The Way and The Life, none come to the Father but by Him.

Adam doesn’t mean man as you say,

Adam means ‘mankind’. Until mankind sinned, they had the ‘life’ of God, but in the day that mankind became the choosers of what is good and what is evil, (instead of relying on God to tell them through the communication of The Holy Spirit), they ‘died’. Read it for yourself.

not the Holy Spirit as you say,

Ruah = Wind,Breath,Spirit. Not Ghost. A Ghost is a phantom or a spectre an intangible and insubstantial apparition.

Can you tell me how Christ lives in you? Christ wasn’t nailed to the cross, the body of Christ was.

Christ was ‘alive’ when nailed to the cross. He ‘died’ on the cross. You said yourself that Spirit, body and word are all ‘one person’ so the ‘person’ of Christ died for us on The Cross and we The human race, died along with Him.

I am sorry but that is not what the bible says; the bible says you were baptized with death and further it says; while you use the Lords supper you proclain him to be dead;

The Bible says we were baptized into His death and are buried therefore by baptism into death. So that we may walk in newness of life.

We do not proclaim Jesus to be dead! No! No! No!

We proclaim his death. We declare that Jesus actually did die. A fact that many choose to deny. We also proclaim His resurrection to ‘LIFE’ again. So you are absolutely wrong. We do not declare Jesus dead. WE are commanded by Jesus himself to celebrate his death until he returns again, because it is through his death that we have ‘life’ through the power of The Spirit which raised him to life.

Love Chris.

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