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Flesh asks:

“are you three different things or are you only completely you with voice and flesh and spirit. if i misunderstand you please explain; if not thanks for your perspective that your you are complete without spirit or voice.”

My flesh and voice is only a small part of the 1 person that I am. (I’m afraid I don’t have a spirit though)

rdrcofe said:

“God is not singular, God is unique”

Many christians claim to worship 1 God. They were the ones I was directing the questions to.

“Ice is not a kind of water, it IS water and only water.

Steam is not a kind of water, it IS water and only water.”

I didn’t say anything about steam or ice being a “kind” of water, there are many things that change when extreme tempature is added; steel. plastic, rubber, etc. not sure what your point is; are you saying you worship more than 1 God?


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