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rdrcofe; your quote;{No! These three ‘persons’ are manifestations of ‘The One God’.}

Well ok, this then clarifys it; a manifestation is not the “truth” but a hypothesis of the truth.

Your next quote; Adam, (man) is not ‘one living being’ until the Spirit of God is imparted by God to him. Until we are inspired by the Holy Spirit, (of God), we are not actually ‘living beings’, only ‘animated clay’.}

Adam doesn’t mean man as you say, it means a human being and therefore Adam only became a living being after the glorifying of Jesus.

Your next quote;{ Our animation, before being ‘made new by The Holy Spirit’, is achieved through our ancient relationship with Adam and the ‘animation’ we had when in our flesh state was ‘breathed into Adam’ and passed to us along with the sin nature.}

I agree, only after receiving the Holy Ghost, not the Hly Spirit as you say, we became a living immortal soul. The flesh is the nature of sin.

Your next quote;{ But when we ‘believe in Christ’ our sin nature is nailed to the cross along with Him and our ‘animated’ self died with Him. Our ‘resurrected’ ‘New Life’ personality ‘lives’ in Christ and Christ in us.}

Can you tell me how Christ lives in you? Christ wasn’t nailed to the cross, the body of Christ was.

Your next quote;{ God is the ‘Living God’. God is Spirit, but has appeared also in flesh and has sent His Spirit also into us, thus making us ‘Live for Christ’.}

I am sorry but that is not what the bible says; the bible says you were baptized with death and further it says; while you use the Lords supper you proclain him to be dead; therefore; why do you preach him to be alive while the scriptures clearly says; while you use the supper he is dead?

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