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rightthewrong says:

“Christians do not or should not believe in three Gods, they believe in One God in three ‘offices,’ ‘facets,’ or ‘aspects,’ or, revealed in three different ways.”

So you believe 1 God (1 person, 1 being) with 3 different roles that he plays, is that correct? is it safe to assume that he can only play one of these roles at a time?

rdrcofe2 said:

Three persons, does not mean Three people or three Gods. It means three ways in which we can perceive the One God.”

I disagree! 3 persons DOES mean 3 people, or Gods. I am one person, yet I can be precieved 100 different ways, does that make me 100 different people? I think not. Next he makes the following points

“The following statements are all logically correct regarding water.

Water has three distinct modes of existence.

God has three distinct modes of existence.

Ice is water.

Jesus is God.

Steam is water.

The Holy Spirit is God.

Water is water.

God is God.

Water is not ice.

God is not Jesus.”

You were doing great until you said water and Ice are not the same. Ice, water, and steam, are all the same thing (H2O) it’s nature simply changes when you add extreme tempature. I am one person, if you add extreme tempature, I will begin to sweat. Because I look and feel different when I am sweating does that make me another person?

“I have no difficulty accepting these are mysteries which I may one day understand.

Why do you need to know today?”

Ignorance is bad, knowlege is good.

“Is it that you need to put God in a labled box along with everything else in your collection of ‘things you understand’?”

The truth should always be up for question. I am sure you will agree with that!

“Might I venture to suggest that it is exactly this egocentricity which prevents the development of a relationship with the entity you claim to be curious about.”

The only thing I ever claimed to be curious about is the opinions different people have about the question I asked.



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