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Chris Medway

flesh (johan erasmus)

i am a follower of Christ Jesus, but do you suggests that only those who follow Jesus will be saved?

If you are a follower of Christ, then you are automatically enrolled into ‘His Church’. Whatever earthly organization you might attend you are a member by default of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ’. This is the Church that the very gates of hell will not stand against. The moment you become a believer, you are part of it.

do you suggests that church saves me to be “in christ”???

No! Christ saves you to be in ‘The Church’. There is no salvation outside of ‘The Church of Christ’. However, membership of His Church is decided by Christ not men. I am suggesting that only those chosen by HIM are ‘saved’.

You might disagree with much that the Church believes and teaches, (I do too), but you have to bring enlightenment from within. The Church is not your enemy, it is the cradle of your spirituality, (it is The World that is the spiritual opposition).

Love Chris.

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