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Flesh said:

“i think it is very simple; the father is the one who speaks and his word is called his son (the bible teaches us that) and the Holy Ghost is his spirit and these three things = a living being, you, God.”

So you say Jesus, the father, and the Holy Ghost, are only part God by themselves and make a complete God when together. If I am misunderstanding you, please explain; if not, thanks for your perspective.

Rdrcofe says:

“All water is not ice.

All water is not steam – but all water is water.

Essentially ice, water, steam are all water.”

Water is not singular unless you put it in the perspective of measurement; a bucket of water, a drop of water, etc. God is discribed as a singular.

“If it works and is logical for a simple material thing like water to have a threefold nature, why is a threefold nature thought so impossible for Almighty God?”

Unless you are suggesting 3 separate Gods, (water, ice, and steam, are 3 separate types of water) your analogy doesn’t work



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