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rdrcofe stated:

“(Ken Jones)

You wrote:Each side of the quarter is 100% quarter,

You are wrong there Ken.

Would you accept a two headed quarter in your change, (apart from it being a bit of a curiosity).”

Actually you should have read the complete point. I said “each side is 100% quarter, but their sum is only a fraction of a complete quarter, till you put all the sides together”. When I said 100% quarter, I ment the ingredients are 100% quarter. it’s not 33% quarter and 66% penny or something else. (maybe the quarter analogy wasn’t a good one but I used it because that’s what the person I was talking to used as an example) and when you put all the pieces together it equals 1 complete quarter. To apply that analogy to the trinity is to say Jesus is 100% God, (not 33% God and 66% human or something else) but only 33% of a complete God. and the same for the other God heads. And when you put them all together they make 1 complete God. Do you agree with this point? Or you still insisting on 1+1+1=1



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