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<<<<<<Ken says…. Wow! that is a long post! I know I asked you to explain what this second death is but unfortunately I lack the patience and attention span to read such a long post. If you can’t explain it in a few lines, forget about it; it wasn’t all that important to me. Besides it appears that we have gotten a little off the subject about the trinity. If you can keep it to a few short lines, would you care to explain your interpertation of it?


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This is very, very tough subject not very many people likes to hear this. But we need to know. Because my own personal feeling about living for God is…. I had to take this seriously for myself. And when I teach to someone make sure I can explain further enough that they can understand about the soul and body. Where the soul going in the final day.

This judgment is to pronounce sentence, much like our modern courts of justice.

Second Death is our final hope. Your soul will assign in one place where you choose the place for yourself. Either heaven or hell. If we choose while we are in the earth to live holy, obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have that hope. If we choose not the gospel we are going to Satan side.

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