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lovemenot respond………………..

Our body that we lived in is only temporal . This is called the “First Death” Body (flesh) time is very limited. Some of us will live longer, and some live shorter. Limited time. Ofcourse, Adam died 930 years of age. Remember there is a “Second Death”

No! Maybe you can explain this second death, and how all these various deaths relate to Adam and Eve when God said they will die when they eat the fruit. Next concerning Jesus promice that the thief will join him in paradise Lovemenot responds

“Paradise – a Persian words (pardes), properly meaning a “Pleasure-Ground” or “park” or “king’s garden”…….. Basically what Jesus saying…. You will not be suffering that you are today. You will be in a “pleasure-ground” (Paradise) . Meaning … you will have joy and gladness, thanksgiving, and the voice of melody. No more suffering.

If Jesus meant “pleasure ground, or park, then whoever interpreted the bible into the English language should have used those words. Either the English interpretation of the bible is wrong, or your interpretations of Jesus words are.

Next she said concerning the cruel things God allowed in the bible

“If………. God never create evil we will never have a chance to speak out for ourself. If everything is all good never have a chance to view the evil we have nothing for us to make a choice or decide what side we have to go to. We are just a puppet and robots.”

If the choice of evil is necessary for “free will” will evil be allowed in Heaven; or will everyone there be “puppets and robots”? (I’ve asked that question a hundred times and I’ve never gotten an answer…….I wonder why.)

“That is the reason why God and Satan has to bet on Job see if he will take this trials how far Job can serve God despites all it happen in his life.”

Why does God need to prove anything to Satan? Doesn’t he already know all the answers?



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