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Lovemenot asks:

“I need to ask you one more time if you don’t mind. Could you tell me what are the flaws of God you are talking about? What are the unjust and cruel things you are talking about?

If there is any confusion please, let me know. I would like to help if I can answer your question. Can you also tells me what are the prophecy are not been fullfilled? If you make a list I will be gladly to respond better. Thank you Ken.”

A couple of inaccuracies of the bible are

·Gen 2:17 God tells Adam the day you eat of the fruit you will surely die. However, when Adam ate the fruit he continued to live until he was over 900 years old.

·Luke 23:43 Jesus said to the repented thief on the cross “TODAY you shall be with me in paradise. A few days later (John 20:17) Jesus said to Mary “Don’t touch me I have not yet ascended to heaven” obviously what he told the thief was inaccurate

A couple of cruel things God did or was done with his blessing are as follows

·The slaughter of children and rape of the Midianite women by Moses during war

·The killing of the “first born” of Egypt by the death angle after God hardened Pharaohs heart

·The cruel treatment of Job (he basically lost his children on a bet between God and Satan)

·The unfair treatment of Adam and Eve in the Garden; God knew what would happen if he put that tree and Satan in the garden yet he did it anyway.

Those are a few things; what are your thoughts?



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