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lovemenot asks:

“Is Atheist read the bible? Do you have your own bible? Do you study christian bible? Did you ever tried religion before? Before you became an Atheist.”

Before I became Atheist I was a Christian. I was Christian because I was raised that way. When I took Christianity seriously and began to pray and study the bible it became quite obvious that the bible I was studying was full of flaws and the God I was praying to didn’t exist.

“So… you have to see God first before you can believe? Are you talking physical existence? What kind of evidence you are referring to?”

Well God is supposed to be all good but often he is unjust and cruel, and the bible has too many flaws in it to be taken seriously. If God were all powerful and all good I think he would have done a better job of getting his message across and everyone would agree on his nature, message, and expectations of us.

“Is the prophecy is not enough evidence for you? Or you just not aware about all the events is going takes place? Just like the bible says. Example the bible speaks about the famine, earthquake,divers of desease,wars, cahless society, and many more.”

I think the fact that many prophecies weren’t fulfilled is evidence against the christian version of God, and as far as diseases and wars; the fact that people weren’t warned about diseases and germs that could kill along with the evil behavior of many of the “men of God” in the bible during war I think is further evidence against the Christian version of God as existing as the bible claims



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