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Hi Ken,

Sorry, I didn’t answer you right away. I was been busy lately. I ask so many question lately. And you answer me back. I need to ask you one more time if you don’t mind. Could you tell me what are the flaws of God you are talking about? What are the unjust and cruel things you are talking about?

If there is any confusion please, let me know. I would like to help if I can answer your question. Can you also tells me what are the prophecy are not been fullfilled? If you make a list I will be gladly to respond better. Thank you Ken.

Sorry, for all the discourage feeling you have carry for a long time. I believe you are a good Saint of God. One thing I can tell you for this moment. If you write down and ask God what are the things are not been revealed to you and let him now what you are confuse that is not clear to you. Make sure put the date. One of this day God will answer that question and will be revealed to you. This is the kind of God I am serving. He is the revealer of the secret.


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