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Hello vhoofpreacher,

I don’t think I had a problem answering anyone at all. Wether their are teasing,pretending, Atheist, or anyone whosoever serious about God. This is the matter heaven and hell. If I love myself and everybody. I got to answer them according to their folly.

I could careless if they believe in God or not. One thing I know they are same human like me. Not unless they are not human. That I may consider not even bother to talk about salvation.

One thing I know ten years from now you don’t know what kind of health you are facing. The bible says… while you have the right mind. Praise ye the Lord. Because one of this day you will never remember saying praise God. Because your mind end up having an alzheimer’s disease. Wether you believe in God or not this is true and happen to people.

Respond by: Victoria

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