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James Murphy


I am absolutely for real and I have had the most incredible life ever. No one was laughing when I was turning chaos into peace and prosperity. No one was laughing while my siblings and I were out performing everyone else at nearly everything. And it was no joke when I took on the US government with a bow and arrows and a hundred times the intelligence they possessed.

I have been an efficiency expert, process engineer, legal representative and manufacturing superintendent in a union environment for many years and I cannot tell you of a mistake that I made that was sugnificant. I designed and directed the resolution of about a thousand ongoing problems and I made it look easy when all others before me failed miserably. Not one grievance was filed against me and I changed nearly everything and took more disciplinary action than all other managers combined.

I have been demonstrating my ability for fifty years and it is unmatched by anyone in all of time including Jesus.

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