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Chancellor said:

“When I was married my wife and I became “One Flesh.” We are “One.” Not “One” person, but one is mind, unity, purpose etc. That is how the three persons of the Godhead are “One.”

When you married your wife, you became one couple! You by yourself or your wife by herself are only 1/2 of a complete couple, together you both make a complete couple. Using this analogy, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are by themselves only 1/3 of a complete God but together they make 1 complete God.

“I see that you are using “Godhead” as if it meant some sort of plurality, much like a team or committee………Since you insist on using the unbiblical term “persons,” how are you defining that term?”

The reason I’ve used the terms “Godhead” and “persons” is because the people who have responded to my questions have used these terms. The way I am defining the term “person” is as a separate individual.



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