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Well, I would use the word perfect since that may bring frustrations provided by illusion. Waiting for the perfect one could be kind of a choosy attitude (which is not bad at all), and could last longer than supposed to be. Of course, we’re not going to pick up whoever may come our way, and determine so-and-so as your girl/boyfriend; what I mean is to be both careful at the time to make the decision as well as being aware of the passions we’re subject to. The best for couples is coordinating praying sessions thru which the could grow, go with counselors and reading the bible in order to understand God’s purpose in their lives. I believe what makes it perfect is God’s presence within engagements and marriage. I do have testimony of several that have wait till that time, and have been granted a wonderful marriage, but that’s not day-to-day event.

Further observations are welcome.

God bless!!

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