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The parable itself explains the definition for the purpose of this story. The wise women were obedient in every instruction to be greeters at the entry for the principles to this wedding.

They carried every necessary supply to make it untill the bridegroom came.

The foolish came with the other supplies but only enough oil to burn the lamps until the time they anticipated the return of the groom. The parable tells us the groom was delayed and the foolish women ran low on oil. they asked for some from the other women but they didn’t have enough to give them.

When they obtained the needed supplies and returned the groom had already returned entered and sealed the entry doors.

These five fooloish women were sealed outside.

The Bible records no one knows the time when Jesus will return (Jesus our Groom) You must be prepared ,standing and waiting his return. The key is be ready as the 5 wise virgins were

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