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Wow! I just spent two days on this passage just disecting it and stuff like that. When it says be ready I strongly believe it is talking about the coming of Christ when He takes His children home. I’ve come to a conclusion that the five foolish virgins are a metaphor to the ones that know about the Bridegroom/Jesus, but don’t take Him as all they should since they didn’t bring enough oil. This propably symbolizes ones who aren’t believers in the sense that they haven’t given up their hearts to Jesus. The wise virgins symbolize the believers (given their hearts to God) who eagerly await Jesus’ return and are prepared for it( they brought extra lamp oil.

The ones that haven’t the extra oil get shut out from the wedding party which symbolizes people getting shut out from Heaven because they weren’t prepared (haven’t given their lives to Christ). Which reminds me of the verse where it says that not all who call to God Lord, Lord will not enter the Kingdom.

I got this from the surrounding scriptures and God of course. Have a great New Year-

Chance- Chance@paradisefarmstexas.com

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