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Oil in the bible is usually a type of the God’s Spirit. The 5 wise had God’s Spirit in their hearts but the foolish did not. Matthew 7:22&23 r the same as the foolish. The question is. What did the people of Matthew 7:22&23 lack? With most churches teaching repent and accept Jesus it is doubtful that this is what they lacked. To have God, God must be what is most important to us. What is the most important to us? It is what u want more than anything or anyone else. It is what u will give up all else to get and to keep. It is what u will do anything to get and to keep. It is what u will go anywhere to get and to keep. We must TRUST God so much that we can give up or do or go and not fear that God will supply our needs and the needs of our families. If u have God it will come down to, How much do u want God? Everyone needs to consider what is most important to them. Is it God or someone or something else. Is it urself and what u want and the pleasure that u like that u will not give up. It is a complete surrender and trust. Anything less will be found wanting. I hope this helps someone.

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