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sheila asks: I have a question that I would like some Bibical answers to. The question is this..In relation to the parable of the ten virgins…5 were wise and 5 were foolish. It says to be ready, but what exactly is being ready ? This parable has been spoken a lot over the last couple of months so I would like to further understand what it means to be ready.


Prayerfully consider, in Jesus’ Name, whether the parable may be referring to that scene in Heaven soon to take place when Jesus gathers together those who will return with Him to earth at the beginning of the Millennium (if, of course, your personal opinions of end times allow for such a possibility).

We “get ready” by allowing God to miraculously remove from our lives and spiritual hearts, all remianing sins/idols/impurities, which if not removed–and replaced with holy substitutions–will result in us being found ashamed at His soon Second Coming.

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