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HOSS seventh

Iam the one known as “older than dirt” or at “least around before Adam”

I still date at least three times a month . We even go to Macdonald’s steaks occassionally. Once in a awhile we go to one of the indoor places, I do this with the same woman,ain’t nobody else can match her ,why cause she loves me as Iam.

The rest of the month we go home and act married which we are, works better when you live in the same house. That’s more funn than dating cause being married –weelll– they tell me you have to be mature to understand that. My wife says she don’t think I’ll make it —being mature.

There’s a thing in this dating–if you’re gonna do it make sure there is a clear understanding of what it’s about just being friends or exploring the possiblity of a future.

That’s one thing to have future you must start at friends.

My wife and I knew what was gonna happen the first time we went out. She told me on about the 5th time we were out, Iwas so shook up that I didn’t say the y word until about the 7th or 8th.

There must be and an absolute witness of the Holy Spirit in Both that the relationship will be a future thing and until maturity in the Lord happens it should never go beyond friends in anyway .

That way there will always be respect.

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