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Ty writes:

<<You cannot follow current events and believe that George Bush has been straightforward and honest with the American people or with the world.>>

I do not believe it is always necessary for our government during a time of war to be totally honest with us or the world. We elect representatives as well as a leader to act in behalf of the american people..they and he does, and then we castigate them for it? Are you forgetting the more than several strikes against Americans abroad and at home caused by terrorist acts? Unless one was privy to every single piece of information that Bush and his staff received, all anybody can gossip about is second guessed.

<<As to whether or not Bush has been just, ask the families of Iraqis who have died without ever wishing ill-intent upon the United States.>>

Our troups under orders from their Commander in Chief, have been extremely careful not to cause harm to civilians…to the point that they have put their own lives in harms way. War is dangerous. Where is the support from Iraqis who wanted Hussain gone? A serious blunder on our part, no doubt, but the citizenry was to rise and help secure their own country. BTW, you do remember Hussain gassing his own people and neighbors, and his torture and rape rooms, and the mass graves, and his beastial sons, and the training camps and aid to any terrorist group who hated the USA?

<<If George Bush is supposed to be a model Christian leader, why have Iraqi prisoners been abused under his watch? Would a just President really violate the Geneva Conventions?>>

Under his watch? Of course, he is supposed to know everything and watch all that goes on, and is also responsible for the flu vaccine contaminations, and no doubt, hurricane distructions, too.

And such abuse…tsk, tsk…perhaps they would have preferred Hussain’s prison camps, or the Viet Cong’s, or Japanese prison camps. Underpants on head or beheading? Pretend to zap with electricity for psychological effect or really use a car battery and link it to genitals? There are fraternity hazings that are worse than what was done to those prisoners.

I suggest you read about Kerry’s own testimony during the Vietnam War, and see what you think about him then. Keep in mind that anyone who could and could do so and still save face, tried to find a way not to go to that hellish war. Many felt it their duty to do so, and went freely, many had no choice, but many could not in good conscience participate, and many did not want to be fodder for fools on the hill….and I could not blame them.

Kerry did four months, got shrapnel in his butt from his own grenade, behaved questionably according to the Swift Boat Vets, returned home and accused his mates of horrible war crimes, said he had done the same thing. Kerry also speaks to whatever crowd he is before however they want…he tells them what they want to hear..and changes position constantly.

Read the latest Time Magazine and be confused even more about what Kerry stands for. I may not agree with church and state being one entity, but I have a good sense of what Bush is about and where he wants his vision to take us and the rest of the world. I would not trust Kerry to stay the course on any issue. We don’t need a president who cannot be consistent during this World War on Terrorism.


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