Home Forums Re: Voting Bush isn’t Necessarily Voting God

Greg Platt

Homergrown –

First of all, Bush and Kerry both stood for the same thing regarding gay marriage. The ONLY difference is that Kerry favors “gay marriage” and Bush favors “civil unions”. Thats like the difference between pop and soda, they both mean the same thing, just different names.

Secondly, I do not think Jesus would have told us to kill criminals. I think he would want us to bring them to Christ.

Thirdly, faith-based organization violate the laws of the country.

Fourthly, for the past two years, and now for at least the next two, Bush has had a republican white house, senate, and house of reps. Yet the only abortion law he passed is one to ban 1.4% of abortions. SO I am not really impressed with his record on that.

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