Home Forums Re: Voting Bush isn’t Necessarily Voting God


You should really read your bible my friend, as a christian, we are not supposed to be judging somebody. You really do have a good opinion about the election. Voting Bush isn’t necessarily voting God, You are right again, but Give the christians a break, because they know that. Instead of trying to convince who to vote for, let’s start praying to God that He will put the right person in office. Everybody is concern too much about the war in irag or terrorist, If you really are a christian, you should know exactly what is going on around the world, why there is terrorism, why is there war going on. It wasn’t because of Bush. When Kerry becomes the president, do you think the terrorism is going to stop. I don’t think so. There’s gonna be a lot of innocent babies to die for sure. Abortion is as worst as the war in irag. Anyway, God bless you, and I pray that you will be prayerful as you continue your walk with God.

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