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Hi Valentina,God Bless your choice in how you eat,may it bring God thru Jesus Glory,

Right now I’m not a veghead,except in my heart,living according to my living situation at the momentStill hope to get back to being a vegetarian.

I think Gods ideal is that we don’t eat meat cause we have to kill something to do so,yet He met us were we (as sinfilled people)are at.And gave us the food laws and how to prepare them in Leviticus so that we could have the best nutrition possible under the cicumstances of whichever culture we happen to be in.

If we can be a vegetarian,good,if we can’t,still good though meat products cloud our minds a bit and affect the rest of our bodies in negative ways.Meat eaters are more prone to violence and things like that.not that vegheads are any more perfect they just tend to be more healthy in general.

Jesus and Wisdoms


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