Father you have given us the great task of spreading the gospel, you have given us power and authority to do so, you have called us from the world and have set us aside,cleansed us and we are your God- i want to thankyou because of this and father in Jesus name i praise you because of the break through you have given us- and even though satan tries to hinder us but we still emerge winners- God behold i lay MPM at thy feet in Jesus name, Father i come against the demonic atacks on that family in Jesus name, i bind the atacks in the name of Jesus, i refuse all attacks on the business and overome them by theblood of Jesus Christ, Father in Jesus name i speak prosperity,and development in that business in Jesus name.I pray for deliverance upon the entire staff the family of thier boss and the Business itself in Jesus name- i speak the blood of Jesus upon Them in Jesus name. Father i pray that you may give them the spirit of disernment so they can know where they are headed in Jesus name- let them know what loophole the demon is using to attack their business in Jesus name.

God i pray to you in Jesus name …Amen.

NB: please find out if your boss gives a tenth of his earnings to the altar of His church, failure to give tithe can lead him into business collapse-if he does not then let him ask forgivenss from God and start to give his tithe faithfully and without fail.malalchi 3:10

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