ok.. i am a bit burdened in my heart reading the above.. let me try to help out ok? I believe more christians are afraid of this and i believe God wants to help.

first of all, i believe we are to interpret scripture by asking, who is this written to? who was jesus talking to? and asking how do I relate to those He is talking to?

is this for me?

When Jesus was talking about the pharasees in the verse mentioned at the top of this forum

you see.. its very explainable..

God uses the Holy Spirit to work on the heart of a person to draw him to God for salvation.. nobody gets saved unless the Holy Spirit/God draws him. Jesus and God both were confirming the word spoken w/ signs and wonders.. Jesus healed the sick so that people would realize who He is, and believe.

Jesus here (if you look in context) was just confronted by the pharasees – they said that his healing people was of the devil.

now, if they believe this, than there is no hope for them to get saved and believe in Jesus.. because the deny him completely.. even w/ miracles and all. and if they dont believe in jesus, then they cant be forgiven.. of any of their sins.

SEE MARK’s version of the same verse.. Mark 3-it explains all this

so Jesus was not talking of christians here at all.

also when jesus said to the desciples to fear His who could throw you into hell, I believe He was encouraging them to keep following Him no matter what.

i hope this helps.

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