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Lauren, Thank you for your post. I am sorry if you feel that people on this thread are picking on the LDS church. I don’t think that is the intent of anyone on this board. I have studied the Mormon religion extensively and that is why I feel I am qualified to post on this site. Please read my posts and tell me where you think I have misrepresented the Mormon religion?

I would love to have a dialogue with you and explain as clearly as I can why I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in the pages of the new Testament is different than that taught by the Mormon church and why I believe that Mormons are in error. If I am wrong on some points maybe you would be willing to point those out also?

The difference as I see it between traditional Christianity and most Psuedo Christian groups such as Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses etc., are that these groups claim to be the “only way to God” or the “true church”. As Christians we do not claim that we are the way, we claim that “Jesus is the way”. That my friend is a world of difference.

God bless you.


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