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Ellen Herner

Lauren, you have hit on an unfortunate truth that occurs within ANY organized body of people, an “us against them” mentality. While we’re so busy running around trying to be better than others, we forget that we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. If we were able to do that, that would eliminate the problem. Unfortunatley, being human we can’t whether a secular organization or a religious body. Our assitant pastor talked one Sunday about our differences and I love this about our chruch. We don’t focus on our being the “only body of Christ” because it’s NOT in a church! WE are the body of Christ and when we act like fools we disgrace the Body. If you truly want to get back into a Body, I would focus on a Spirit filled, bible-teaching church. Our church is very charismatic and our style of worship doesn’t appeal to everyone, so it’s IMPORTANT that you find a place you feel comfortable.

Be blessed in your search, with love in Christ,


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