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Hi Lauren,

I’m sorry you had a bad experience when you went out with the missionaries. Many Christians do not have the knowledge to debate with the Mormon missionaries, so the easy way out is just to slam the door closed.

I have spoken to Mormon missionaries at my doorstep on many occasions, and I can tell you none of them have been able to refute anything I have had to say. Believe me, they were the ones who left in a funk.

Lauren, religion hasn’t worked for you because it never works. Religion is simply mans attempt to try and reach God and this is impossible to do. Christianity, on the other hand is about God taking on the form of fallen man to redeem mankind. Jesus came earth, lived a sinless life, perfectly fulfilled God’s law, shed his blood on the cross for our redemption, rose from the dead, and is living at the right hand of God. By faith in the shed blood of Christ, we too can become righteous in God’s sight. It is not about what we can do for God, but about what God has already done for us and the free gift of Salvation Jesus offers to all who believe on him.

God bless you,


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