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How can we hold our church’s missionaries to a higher standard than we hold to ourselves? Yes, our missionaries devote 18 months or 2 years generally to full time missionary work but they are human just as we are — a good missionary will make sure that you realize that you must not only listen to their message, but then pray about it for confirmation by the Holy Spirit. Like I said, we cannot rely solely on word of mouth from person to person, we have to rely on the Spirit to confirm truth in our hearts.

Also good to hear that you have not only read the Book of Mormon once, but that you read it a second time. Which parts of the Book of Mormon do you disagree with? Are there any specific details that you are having trouble with? I would be glad as well to discuss the problems, but you and I both know that nothing I say can make you change your attitude. When you were reading, did you approach reading the Book as if you were reading the words of prophets or the words of a treasure seeking farm boy? Did you pray before and after your reading? Did you pray for confirmation of the things that you were having trouble with?

And finally yes, read your Bible just as diligenty as you always have. If you are familiar with our church you would know that we regard the Bible to be the inspired word of God as well. To expound, we believe that the Bible and the Book of Mormon testify of each other and are each a testimony to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible is the record of the trible of Judah and is a record of his ministry in one part of the world, while the Book of Mormon is a record of the children of Joseph, and is a record of his ministry in a different part of the world. We also believe that when we are ready to receive it, God will provide us with the records of peoples all over the world who he visited (Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold…). Each record will be a testimony of his atonement and his divinity. The Book of Mormon was brought forth in the latter-days to convince both Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, and that through his atonement we can all return to our Heavenly Father and receive eternal life.

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