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Well I haven’t seen any other actual current members of the LDS church on this thread, so let me throw myself onto the train tracks…yes, I am LDS and I’m proud of it. Now, there seems to be a lot of “I talked to a member and they told me…” and “I heard that…” and the like going on here. I don’t think I need to say this but just in case, you can’t believe everything you hear. Just because my friend who is pentecostal walks up to me and tells me that his church believes in animal sacrifice doesn’t mean that it is actualy church doctrine.

That said, I’m sad that people believe the things that some people say about Christ’s church. Instead of listening to the words of men, if you really have a sincere desire to learn about what the Church actually believes you need to visit http://www.lds.org or http://www.mormon.org. What you find on these sites is authorized by the church as doctrine. Wouldn’t it be silly if I visited an anti-Pentecostal website to learn about what the Pentecostals beleive? or the Methodists? or the Presbyterians?

Last of all, the Spirit is the greatest tool that we can have in our lives. It is our direct link to our Heavenly Father, and by listening to the Spirit we can know the truth of all things. If you ask in faith, you will receive an answer. Instead of relying on the words of men to formulate your view of the LDS Church, rely on the promptings of teh Holy Ghost.

One last thing — if you want to bash the Book of Mormon, please read it first so that you can actually say when you’re bashing it that you have read it cover to cover. Some people like to bash it without reading it, and that just ain’t right. If you don’t read it, how do you know that it is right or wrong?

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