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your from Britain celsus thats great, im originally from S.Wales. Growing up from the age of 12 to the age of 21 ive had 1 best friend die on a rollercoaster, and 3 commit suicide one last june and a whole bunch more people attempt it. When i told my parents i wanted to be pentecostal the said i can go back to wales and be pentecostal cuz im not doing it here. I felt lonly, and unwanted. Now my friends make me feel used, except for one. Ive tried OD myself but it didnt work, i am a bad person, and i know it, the things i do or think or say make me a bad person, after living through the pain of al those deaths and attempting it myself, some days i still contemplate. All i can trust in my life is beer, drugs and smokes, they have never done me wrong except once or twice, im ramblimg now so thanks for the post

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