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Julie Watson

To understand the Bible… well, how about this Hellen, when you read the Bible, don’t read it to find out what you can get out of it, or how your needs can be met, but rather read it to find out what God is like, what His personality is like, what He thinks about, what He holds as valuable truth, and what He says is imporant – basically, read it to get to know God – nothing else, nothing more. Also, remember, the Bible & God never contradict themselves. Don’t give up & continue seeking God – He wants to bless You & He loves you so much already.

My prayer for you: Dear Lord, protect Hellen & send her all the resources she needs at this time to grow stronger in Your knowledge, understanding & wisdom. Protect her & don’t let her stray from Your truths. Reveal Yourself to her & the plans that You have for her. Thank you Lord – Glory & Honor be to You Lord! Amen.

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