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daredevil (Tim Wormuth)

You wrote:I’ll start in the OT, where Christ said it….then move on to the NT, Ok ?

In the OT ‘God’ wrote it. By God we may assume it was God The Father or the Angel of the Lord, there is no actual scriptural evidence, (apart from Jesus being a trinitarian member of the Godhead), that it was Jesus himself who wrote them down.

You gave lots of OT references to my question but I did not ask for that. I asked for a quote from Jesus, (most quotes from the human incarnation of Christ come from the New Testament).

You never moved on to that Tim. What’s up? Couldn’t you find any? How strange! And it’s the only one that Jesus didn’t quote. I wonder why that might be?

You wrote:To avoid any misunderstanding that might be seen, as being Judgmental, I can honestly say that it is not my place to say.

So you espouse theology which implies logically that dying morons and children below the age of reason are barred from heaven, but pussy foot arround by saying it’s not your place to judge. I think maybe God will have something to say to yoyu about misrepresentation, since it is Him you are slandering by your theological assertions that ‘Only those who understand the ‘Biblical definition of sin’, will go to heaven. No body’s destination is decided by you, everybody’s is decided by God.

Love Chris.

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