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Chris Medway

daredevil (Tim Wormuth) and REdsox:

Will anyone get into heaven without an understanding, of the Biblical definition of sin ? The Bible says…NO !

Is it really that specific? Chapter and verse please Tim (and be contextually sensitive too, a verse out of context is a pretext), remember.

Can we be sure that the thief on the cross understood the biblical definition of sin. It would have to be at least only an ‘Old Testament’ definition, would it not? The New Testament having not yet been written when he entered paradise.

Does your heavenly exclusion clause also apply to everyone who is intellectually incapable of understanding ‘the biblical definition’ of sin.

Are Downes syndrome, brain damaged or autistic children ALL consigned to somewhere other than ‘heaven’, according to your theology, or are you a believer in Limbo like the RC church?

Are the children of even ‘believers’, who may die before the age of reason, going ‘somewhere else’? And if you believe they do go to heaven, (as I do), can you give theologically consistent scriptural evidence, (chapter and verse), to support your belief, (as I can).

Q. Should you perhaps revisit your theological preconceptions to take the fate of these persons into account?

Q. Is there an essential link between ‘intellectual ability’ and the possibility of ‘being saved’?

If so, it seems very hard on those without the capacity to be saved because of their lack of intellect. This also raises the question :-

Are we ‘saved through our intellectual capacity to understand the biblical definition of sin and therefore understand our need for a saviour’ or are we saved by ‘the death and resurection of Christ’ and thereafter continue to walk in that salvation until we reach an age where we are accountable for our motives and actions?

Theologically speaking it is possible to make very strong Biblical cases for both possibilities.

Some severely brain challenged people have wonderful childlike ‘faith’, does God reject them because they ‘Can’t tell their right hand from their left’, let alone recite or understand the ‘biblical definition of sin‘.

What kind of God would base ‘salvation’ on such intellectual discrimination?

Love Chris.

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