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daredevil (Tim Wormuth)

Tim, these two passages of Jesus referring to the sabbath do not actually imply that He expected his followers to ‘keep sabbath’ on any particular day of the week.

If Jesus is ‘Lord of the Sabbath’ surely a disciple’s sabbath keeping (or not), habbits are a matter between their Lord and them alone. If their concience does not accuse them in this matter then they should not let anyone judge them about observance of times, seasons, new moons or sabbath keeping. It is no business of anyone else but Jesus, who is Lord of such things for each individual. I do not answer to you Tim, neither do I need your advice.

If my faith in Jesus says to me I need not be concerned about ‘days of the week’, then you are not entitled to make judgements about that, and this applies to the whole church.

Regulate your own life however your concience dictates but don’t apply your rules upon others who are living by faith in the character of Jesus.

Come Judgement day, we will both find out what Jesus thinks on this matter. Until then I suggest you concentrate on more important subjects.

Love Chris.

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